The definition of an adequate strategy that aims at the protection of the intellectual assets of an organization requires a deep knowledge of Intellectual Law. MarquesMarcas’ legal experts have vast experience of representation in complex and sophisticated matters in Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Utility Models. In synchronization with this team of experts we have at our disposal a group of administrative staff prepared to meet all the formal requirements necessary to proceed with the registration and maintenance of patents, trademarks, designs and utility models.
At MarquesMarcas we intend to assist our clients in designing and implementing strategies aimed at protecting and defending Intellectual Property rights, namely through patents, trademarks, designs, models and logos.
In order to obtain the solutions that fully meet the needs of our clients, we have built over the years a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals with a wide experience of representation in various Intellectual Property issues.


Global Vision

At Marques Marches, we continually cultivate an innovative look aimed at tomorrow. This exercise provides us with a strategic course of globalization of the world economy, precludes the sustainability of imprecise approaches that rely on the fallacious application of obsolete solutions to modern problems. We understand and account for this challenge in our daily activities as an advantage.
The constant delivery to this strategic route intends to keep MarquesMarcas on the road to success, building a future with entrepreneurial fortitude, foresight and energy. The general sharing of this vision with the corporate values ​​of loyalty and respect has helped us to build enduring relationships with clients and partners around the world. It is the general sharing of this vision that makes us what we are today.
I would like to thank you, on behalf of the Board of Directors, for your visit to our website. We look forward to your contact.

Past, Present and Future

The main founding partner of MarquesMarcas, Consultants & Agents in Intellectual Property, was Dr. Marques Ribeiro. Working in Intellectual Property since 1974, Dr. Marques was also for several years the Director of Services of another prominent Intellectual Property Consulting company. His charismatic personality as well as his entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his own practice in 1994.
MarquesMarcas began its practice at a company based in Setúbal in 1994. Four years later, in 1998, the growth rate of the number of projects requested by our clients forced us to review our Core Strategic as well as a subsequent change of installations. A similar change was made seven years later. In fact, given the increase in workload, we could only maintain customer satisfaction by defining and implementing a sustainable expansionary policy.
We have established a commitment to ourselves – maintaining the same strategic line that has allowed us to satisfy our clients up to now, sustaining an adaptive policy based on the quality of our services, keeping our clients in the spotlight.

Strategic Structure

MarquesMarcas intends to be a leader in the provision of intellectual property advice activities, not only by identifying the problems that need to be solved, but above all by providing adequate and efficient solutions to the needs of its clients.

Corporate Structure Shareholders:
-Evangelino Marques Ribeiro;
-Diamantina Maria Ribeiro.

Administrative Council:
-Evangelino Marques Ribeiro (Chairman);
-Diamantina Maria Ribeiro;
-Cátia Cristiana Jorge Ribeiro;
-Filipe André Ribeiro;
-Luís Carlos Ribeiro.

Official Agents and Adjuncts of Industrial Property

Official Agents and Adjuncts of Industrial Property

Maria Manuel Ramos Lucas – AOPI600003
Cátia Cristiana Jorge Ribeiro – AOPI600051
Evangelino Marques Ribeiro – AOPI600090

Adjuncts of official agents of industrial property

Filipe André Jorge Ribeiro – AAOPI600051_1
Luís Carlos Jorge Ribeiro – AAOPI600003_1

European agents trademark and designs


Evangelino Marques Ribeiro – 5811
Maria Manuel Ramos Lucas – 15658
Cátia Cristiana Jorge Ribeiro – 62350

Association of Agents

MarquesMarcas Lda – 15322

Professional Representative Junto do Epo

Maria Manuel Ramos Lucas