Aditional Services

Get to know all our services related to maintenance and rights monitoring.

– Consultancy in Industrial and Intellectual Property.
– Strategic analysis.
– Technical opinions.
– Searches for Previous Rights.
– Applications for the Registration of International Marks.
– Applications for the registration of Community trademarks.
– Applications for Trademark Registration Abroad.
– Requests for Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Guine, Macau, Timor.
– Applications for Trademark Registration Abroad.
– Trademark Communication to the RNPC.
– National Patent Applications; PCT and European.
– Validations of European Patents.
– Technical Translations.
– Copyright.
– Domains.
– Social denominations.
– Previous Research.
– Trademark Requests; Patents; Logotypes; Industrial / Utility Models and Drawings.
– Monitoring of patent and registration processes.
– Verifications, transmissions, licenses.
– Changes of Name and Headquarters.
– Surveillance of Registered Rights.
– Renewal of Marks, Logos.
– Payment Annuities.

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